CELLBLAST Input data
CM format
CM Profile Matcher accepts expression profile data in "CM format". CM format consists of a single-line description, followed by a single-line expression data. The first character of the description line is a greater-than (">") symbol in the first column, and a name of the data is filled. In the following line, expression levels are delimited by spaces, and tags are put up to expression profiles ("Identifier:expression level"). An example in CM format is:

>GSM1297657 |GPL16791 (HiSeq 2500)|H.sapiens|8000900-803 (Adipose tissue, Adipose Derived Stem Cell)
ENSG00000000003:4 ENSG00000000005:0 ENSG00000000419:2 ENSG00000000457:2 ENSG00000000460:15 ENSG00000000938:0 ENSG00000000971:1 ENSG00000001036:3 ENSG00000001084:2 ENSG00000001167:4 ENSG00000001460:10 ENSG00000001461:27 ENSG00000001497:8 ENSG00000001561:1 ENSG00000001617:3 ENSG00000001626:2 ENSG00000001629:3 ENSG00000001630:70 ENSG00000001631:2 ENSG0000000...

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