CELLBLAST Search Result Examples

This page shows example CELLBLAST query search results. CELLBLAST can characterize cell types across different next-generation sequencer platforms. For example, when Reg4-positve intestinal cell (GSM1524296) is given as a query, top hit comes from small intestine regardless of platforms and GSEs of database profile.

Top 100 results of example queries

GSM id Source Tissue
GSM1901473 H.sapiens: Alpha cell (Pancreas)
GSM1901455 H.sapiens: Pancreatic islet cell (Pancreas)
GSM1524296 M.musculus: Reg4-positive intestinal cell (Small intestine)

Bioinformatics. 2007 Nov 15;23(22):3103-4. Epub 2007 Sep 25.
CellMontage: similar expression profile search server.
Fujibuchi W1, Kiseleva L, Taniguchi T, Harada H, Horton P.